March must try – make apple pie great again

This month’s must try is a collaboration between cloudwater and against the grain currently available online from all the usual suppliers and champion bottles and taps in Heaton. 

As I arrived at champion I had a fair idea of what I was going to fill the growler with something tropical and not too strong. It certainly was not going to be cloudwater and that may suprise you being a craft beer lover that buys into the hype for interesting beers cloudwater should be my amongst my favourite brewers however I have in recent months grown tired of nothing but murky double ipas at eye watering prices and miss the days when cloudwater would pop up at Fitzgeralds with a tasty brown ale brewed with seasonality and quality. 

But I was told I should try the latest offering make apple pie great again and as the fairly murky beer was produced for me I was far from excited however from first sip I was won over a opening taste of almost buttery sweet pastry the hit of cinnamon and the sweet apple finish it was a complex layered beer packed with flavour and absolutely what it says it is apple pie in a glass. 

I also made it to Tynebank Brewery great Brittish beer festival with a great range of beers from around the UK the star of the show being Tiny rebel cask golden ale juicy that had so much juicy fruit flavours packed into a lower abv beer another beer well worth looking out as the Newport brewery produce more beer and a new can range from the new larger premises and become much more readily available 


North by north yeast