January must try….. Champion 

Normally my must try is a beer that has won me over that month but this month I got to try a new bottle shop instead 

champion bottles and taps just of Chillingham Road in Heaton has not been open long and is not a very large shop it certainly won’t rival the quantity of beers available in some of Newcastles larger establishments however it does stock some very interesting brews indeed. 

The bottle and can range offers around 20 options for each beer type ranging in strength and price I left with three beers the first being wiper and true – milkshake a sweet syrupy milk stout that lived up to its name with chocolatey milk aftertaste, the second was a can of mikeller simcoe double ipa a strong bitter and resinous pale beer that was a close to eating a raw hop as you would ever wish to be 

The final beer was a growler from one of the shops four taps you can bring your own or buy one there (for £5) I opted to fill mine with a new Zealand brewed East coast double ipa at a price close to £4 a pint.

Overall Champion may not break the mould or offer too much you cant find anywhere else but it brings a range of interesting beers at a reasonable price in smaller fresher quantities especially with the growler fills and are well worth checking out 


Beery resolutions 2 

So this time last year,  still new to the blogging world I posted my ambitious 5 beery resolutions now a year older and non the wiser I thought it a grand time to revisit review and replan for 2017. 

My first resolution was to love the yeast being quite new to the understand of beer this was the missing element to my knowledge so what have I done to expand on it, we’ll I tried cloudwater dipa volume 4+5 same ingredients same brewing just a little late yeast in one,  and the nothern monk trilogy yeast that was a great beer in the Belgian triple style however my main understanding has come through my experimenting with homebrewing. Don’t get we wrong I’m far from a expert but then most brewers I have met don’t seem too much more knowledgeable on the subject so I feel I need to keep on experimenting. 

Visit a brewery well that got checked of by easter with a trip to Yorkshire and the Blacksheep and theakstons tours as well as Wylam Brewerys palace of the arts and I must say if you have not been on a tour it’s highly recommended but pick a smaller brewery so you see more than just a control panel. 

Help at the Newcastle beer festival I was involved with the build up of the bars and tapping 150 casks of beer, I shall probably do the same this year but I’m also involved with planning and shall be on site throughout serving social media updates 

Collect more badges on untapped well on this im sure I collected a few but with the blog and instagram I have moved away from the app a bit so I really need to double down on this one as it makes remembering a blogging a lot easier 

See more of the world from the bottom of a glass,  that I can also check off with Cardiff beer festival, craft beer calling and plenty Camra wanders around places I may never have drank including Gateshead,  low fell, Morpeth,  Wallsend and new Micropubs in Whitley bay however as this has been so much fun I see no reason to end at this point plenty more of the region and further afield to see. 

So to 2017 my resolutions are 

Try more pubs supporting local smaller brewers and publicans alike 

Save pubs,  to get involved with the campaign for real ales work to save pubs that I think regardless of what you like to drink can only be a good thing. 

Keep up the blog with at least a monthly must try every,  well month obviously and hopefully find plenty cool things happening around my native north east to keep getting excited about and to share with you all 

Thank you for reading have a great 2017 and a special thanks to the few people who took the time to message me on the blog or social media a little positive feedback can really make a bloggers day