Top ten of 2016 

After a mammoth December 12 beers and a personally mammoth few weeks I thought I should sign off the year with a top ten beers list, what could be easier just look at untapped and jot down a few notes easy. 

So two days of moving things up down on and off the list here is my top ten of 2016 

10 brewdog – Elvis juice a grapefruit tasting ipa fairly standard example of brewdog however it’s a strong good example in bottles on supermarket shelves at very reasonable prices so it just makes the list 

9 nothern alchemy – dark chocolate mint milk stout like a milkshake of a beer its not to everyone’s taste but it’s a brilliant end of the night drink and stunning flavours 

8 Almasty – dry hopped stout a 6.5% stout dry hopped with a balance and complexity of a truely great beer 

7 box social – campfire porter see 12 beers of Christmas for review 

6 Newcastle brewing Co – satsuma ipa fantastic orange citrus and hop combo perfect summer beer 

5 nothern monk neopolitan pale the ice cream flavoured collaboration with little Leeds beer house a beer that so far no plans have been announced to rebrew and that is a crime 

4 tavernale (bridge tavern) still feel the butterflies a 6.8% brown ale with fruity hops and a fantastic ballanced mouth of flavours 

3 Wylam and the yeastie boys wxy a brilliant collaboration ipa from back in January and Wxy2 has been brewed and should be out in January 2017 

2 tiny rebel brew Co – stay puft marshmalow porter tastes like toasted marshmalow and this one off got requested so much it became a seasonal and now a core range beer watch out for it in a supermarket near you in 2017 

And the winner is garden of Eden – tool Danish brewed Fruity 6.4% ipa that blew my socks off back in March beers from this brewery are becoming more widely available and that can only be a good thing. 

So that’s it 2016 a terrible year for celeb deaths politics and a dark patch on humanity,  yes but my God the beer was good 



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