November must try coconut black ipa

Northern monk patrons project series was created to foster collaboration across genres by brewing and working with artists bands and athletes from the surrounding area of Yorkshire. This particular beer was a collaboration with James butler a tattoo artist from Bradford and siren craft brew.

James is known for his traditional western style tattoos in black as seen from the pull away can cover art entitled attack on the bounty 

The beer chosen to reflect this is a black ipa at 7.4% with a hint of coconut 

Poured from the can it was light and lively with the strong hop aroma that typifies northern monks style. It’s a big boozy mouthful with only a slight toasted malt flavour instead of the big whack of flavour most black ipas hit you with,  the subtle slightly sweet coconut after taste is also very light and together the two tastes counterpoint the big new world hop bitterness nicely. 

This is a complex beer both big strong and boozy Aswell as subtle and balanced it’s certainly a one of a kind collaboration and something different to anything I’ve drank before and there ain’t many beers claiming that these days! 


North by north yeast 


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