Octoberfest the budget way

It seems that octoberfest has landed on our shores in recent years with varying degrees of authenticity from supermarket specials pubs having guest beers to full fledged bars giving you that “octoberfest experience”,  I myself spent part of my stag do in one such place and I must admit unsurprisingly loved every second. 

One place jumping on the octoberfest bandwagon (or dreyhorse if you prefer) is aldi and they are German based so it should be a good offering right?  

Well on previous years your options at the discount supermarket were limited somewhat so I was quite happy to see a expanded range of six beers from Germany alongside the various salamis on sale. 

The six beers are all from Germany not brewed under licence and whilst sticking to the octoberfest ethos of light session beers they do have a few variances including a dark beer this year. 

The first of the two I picked was Das Naturtrube a unfiltered pilsner brewed in southern Germany it was a very clean beer with little residual mouthfeel or after taste but cam with a light but pleasant mingle of hop flavours that most super premium lagers would have a hard time matching 

The second beer was Volksfestbier also from the south of Germany a seasonal beer is bright golden coloured and a lot less bitter than usual pilsners it’s brewed and named for the festival in stutgart and left a clean pallet again not quite as hoppy as the first but still far from the watery beers I’ve been served by barmaids in laiderhosen. 

Both beers came in 500ml swing top bottles at under £2.00 I still question how authentic experience you really could have drinking aldi beer in you warm home instead of being soaked in the fields of Munich but as a sub £2 beer goes grab them whilst you can 


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