Taste of Malta – Lord chambray 

Lord chambray is a small craft brewery set up on gozo the small island north of Malta. This fledgling brewery is quite new and taking on the cisk brewery that produces the holiday lager and license brewing on the holiday island. 

Whilst I have spent many summers on both Malta and gozo I managed to get a hold of two bottles from this small start up through there appearance at the great British beer festival (couriered back to Newcastle by a friend no less). 

The first beer is Blue Lagoon a Belgian style witbeer named after the local landmark with beautiful blue waters. Straw coloured with deep fruit flavours giving way to delegate spice generally associated with the style. 

The second beer Sans Blas is named after a local beach and is billed as a English ipa with energy and attitude. The fruit flavours on this are supurb more what you would expect from a West coast or new Zealand ipa but with a great malt background and light bitter finish that leaves you ready for the next mouthfull. 

The brewery has a great range for a small team beyond the two I got to try are a golden ale called golden bay,  a dry stout called fungus rock,  special bitter gozo interpretation of a special bitter and a gose using gozitian caper flowers called flinders rose that I would love to get ahold of. 

Overall my impression of Lord chambray are they could have been another brewery making light larger for tourists and probably made money but they have gone beyond and produced a very interesting range using a great balance of hops to create a new world fruit character and if you happen to be holidaying in that part of the world you owe it to yourself to hunt them out however based on the quality of the beers they shouldn’t take much hunting. 

Next time I shall be setting my eyes on octoberfest via aldi but can the range of imported beers at discount prices deliver? 


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