Top ten summer beers

I have seen a lot of lists exactly like this pop up the past few weeks on newspapers websites and beer suppliers and blogs it seems summer has finally reached us and we all apparently love lists.
So why make another well put arrogantly my list is better or more honestly features some rare beers and local beers that just don’t seem to be getting the love they deserve as well as a few annual favourites.
I have drank all these beers the past two months so they are available in local pubs or bottle shops but if you fancy any and want to know where to find it feel free to ask by leaving a comment or on my new Facebook page and Twitter account linked to the blog.

And so we begin

10 goose island ipa
Widely available standard American fresh tasting ipa that really defines the style.

9 marks and Spencer jester ipa
Now m and s have a great range of beers brewed exclusively for them by UK and European brewers in fact I could do a top ten just of exclusives but what makes this one stand out is the jester hop a cross breed American flavoured hop grown in UK and brewed by Adnams

8 Leeds brewery – leodis
I was down in York this week and had lunch in Leeds brewery owned Duke of York (highly recommended)  and had pickles fried in a batter made with this lager. A dark pilsner style with pale head and a taste of fresh hops and smokey toasted malts something a bit different whilst enjoying the sun.


7 wild beer Co – sleeping lemons
The Morocon word for preserved lemons literally translates as sleeping lemons and that’s what this beer brings.
The brewers preserved lemons in salt over winter to make this summer one off a 3.6% gose this sour German beer style that is becoming popular again after almost going extinct matches perfectly with the salt and lemon to make a sharp refreshing glass of sunshine.

6 Newcastle brewing Ltd – satsuma ipa
Newcomers to the Newcastle brewing scene this Ouseburn based duo are not afraid of a stronger abv and some real flavour. This 6% ipa with added satsuma juice is perfect for soaking up the rays with (and yes I’m running out of sun metaphors)

5 brooklyn summer ale
You know those summer songs that every time you hear it transports you back to summers past (usually Europop nonsense) well this beer has the same effect on me a annual release from brooklyn brewery using Brittish barley and American hops to create a great refreshing taste

4 Box social – kaffir
Another local brewery not afraid to change things up and this 3.9 session ipa dry hopped with floral flavours and kaffir lime leaves is no exception.
And if it’s raining on your bbq this doubles as a excellent aconpliment to a curry too.


3 Northern monk – neopolitan
This started as a collaboration between the little Leeds beerhouse and Northern monk and is a pale ale with a boozy 6% and creamy ice cream chocolate and strawberry flavours it is just like a ice cream in a glass.

2 Brewdog – Elvis juice
I have long been a unapologetic brewdog fan and the annual Elvis juice has not exactly been a highlight often way to sharp or lost in hops but this year there grapefruit ipa is ballanced to perfection and hits the spot when the sun has got his hat on

1 Anarchy brewery – citra star
Yes after all the craft cans and bottles a real ale tops the list this single hopped citra pale from the lads in Morpeth is not a rarity or a special run but when your in a beer garden and it’s looked after it really is hard to beat.

Well that’s it the top ten beers you should be drinking right now,  no I mean it!  put down your phone and start drinking summer could end in five minutes.
There are plenty others that could have made the list if you have some picks feel free to comment here or on Facebook or Twitter and above all enjoy them
North by North yeast