What makes a good pub

DSC_0173What is it that makes a great pub or even a good pub for that matter is it a good range of beers,  the quality of said beers the staff punters decor or food?  I’m left pondering this after a recent night out in Gateshead in which I frequented four very different pubs.

The first was the Tilley stone a jd weatherspoons pub based just off the metro. Now I’m not a spoons hater yes they do tend to be a bit samey and the food may tend more to the cheap than cheerfull however they do always have a large range of beer and very reasonable prices.
Both pints were perfectly serviceable if unspectacular and I had just missed out on the golden Perry in the fridge but for under £2 a pint it certainly was a pleasant start to the night.

My second stop was at the Metropole just over the road a odd mash of vintage designed corner pub and led screened disco they served sonnets ipa as well as a three hopped beer exclusive to the chain that owns it both again at reasonable prices and more than serviceable.

Third point on the tour was the black bull a music venue and bar that is probably best described as a “goth” bar with iron maiden flags and skeletons on the wall and quirky extras like a six foot fab ice lolly and the bar parrot (yes that’s a real thing).
I had a pint of Waterloo by wordworth a dry hopped pale beer with plenty of flavour and made friends with a grey macaw not many pubs can offer you that.DSC_0172
The final stop was the central a beautiful victorian building housing a pub run by the head of steam group with venue upstairs games room and a impressive 13 hand pulls and a fun and varied selection I had a great pint if silver king by Ossett brewery and was very tempted to take them up on the offer of a two pint carton to take home.

So what is it that makes a good pub? Well it cam be any of these things really but what makes a good evening is being able to visit different pubs with different things to offer.

Beer of the month silver king by Ossett
A well balanced blonde beer with great taste

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