5 beery new years resolutions


I’m not one for superstitions if given the choice between walking under a ladder or on the road I generally choose the car free bit, and I have broken enough mirrors at 7 years bad luck each that even the most optimistic doctors doubt I would outlive my backlog.
But one superstition I quite like is making resolutions at new year it’s a positive way of looking ahead and even if last year’s plan to diet and clear my credit card debt both failed by the first beer festival of spring I still make new goals each year.

So here are my five beery new years resolutions

Love the yeast
I am a hop lover I know to a certain extent what any variety or bundle of hops would do to my pint and frankly I’m all for it, I can taste the difference between barley or malts and even dare I say it even rice beers but I have no clue about yeasts in brewing.
For the longest time I didn’t believe they had much to add to the flavour thinking they are more of a process for beer to help the brew than a ingredient as such,
But Belgian beers do taste different and the bottles claim the yeast is the key, similarly the wild beer Co use wild yeasts to make something different to the norm and I have no idea how?
So that’s my goal learn a little instead of spouting out whatever is written on the bottle as if I’m a authority on such things.

Visit a brewery
So this should probably read visit a real brewery as I have visited St James gate in Dublin home of Guinness but that is not so much a brewery as a tourist attraction where they decided a price to charge people (around £20 if my memory is to be believed) and worked back to build a willy wonka style wonderland and whilst the tasting room was a fun experience and some punters did resemble umpa loompas its just not the real thing even if they have built a indoor waterfall to illustrate that beer contains water,
It was as much a working brewery as the leprechaun museum (that’s a real thing).

My resolution is to visit a real working brewery preferably small or even micro and speak to a brewer not a brew technician and be surrounded by sights and smalls associated with what I’m going to taste at the end perhaps learn some stuff beyond Guinness used to make amazing TV adds.

Help out at Newcastle beer festival
This is as simple as it sounds I’m a member of Camra and hope to lend a hand setting up what has become one of my favourite drinking days of the year.

Collect more badges
Since I was six I have collected Italia 90 stickers and had swaps of Paul Gascoigne, I collected comics way before it was cool not that sonic the hedgehog comic ever became cool, I still collect virtual trophies in my video games but the badges I want, no need more of are in untapped.
Untapped is a app for Android and i-things that is part list of what you drank last night and part “social media platform” with the ability to rate each brew and see your friends recommendations however it also gives awards for every 5 of any type of beer be it light ipa stout Britaish American drinking on certain dates.
I don’t know when Canadian independence day is but if you want to reward me for drinking on that day I’ll graciously accept your praise.
Overall it’s a useful app to keep track of things great when your in the pub thinking I’ve drank that before but did I like it? But also adds that element of fun

See more of the world
……from the bottom of a glass, I think we all get stuck in our groove sometimes drinking the same old stuff in the same pubs and sometimes that’s exactly what you want the familiarity of what you know and like.
Last year I had a few great nights and one great weekend embracing new bars or places to drink the otherwise would have passed me by like Sunderland octoberfest, Durham ale festival and a trip to the Scottish real ale festival in Edinburgh.
This year I aim for more of the same the big weekend away at a beer festival at a as yet undecided location this summer and hopefully a few other great nights in places I can’t yet predict as I sit writing this.

So that’s it five goals for 2016 hopefully this has in some way inspired you to give something new a try and if it hasn’t at least I have a better chance at keeping these resolutions than my annual diet and financial plans

Beer of the post is a tie as I just can’t decide between two beers that are almost polar opposites.
Cherry wheat beer from Marks and Spencer a christmas gift that surprised me brewed exclusively for the supermarket by a Belgian brewery a Belgian wheat beer blended with natural pressed cherry juice giving it incredible and natural fruit beer flavour.
The second beer is yellow belly by Buxton brewery bottled in a white wrap made to look like a klansman hood with a slightly patronising message about cowards and racists this beer is a strong 12% imperial stout with natural malt flavours creating caramel and peanut flavours in a rich luxurious almost syrupy beer a boozy snickers of a beer.

Have a great 2016 and till next time
North by north yeast