So this is it the first step into my beer blog adventure, now where to begin?

About myself i live in Newcastle upon tyne and have been on the journey from larger to cider to craft to real ale and have spent the last four years exploring all that yeasts malts and hops can bring.

I am a member of Camra something that may come up occasionally i do not plan for this to be a mouth piece for the group as they are doing a great job of that themselves with canny bevy magazine available in most good pubs in Newcastle however as a lot of the events i go to are put on by the group it is only natural they appear from time to time.

If you are a real ale drinker and have never thought about joining i would advise to do so as it costs just over £20 a year money you get back in tokens for money off in JD Weatherspoon pubs but also the local meet ups and events more than make it a worth while investment.

I am also not just about real ales either craft and cider keg or cask if it stands out to me i may give it a mention the whole aim of this blog is not really about reviewing but more just musings, mulling over the events beers and anything else that catches my eye in Newcastles  beer scene.

I aim to post at least monthly probably more often during summer when more festivals and events take place and hope at least a few people enjoy reading it and get something out of it.

thanks for dropping by and finding me


north by north yeast




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north by north yeast

young ale drinker and camra mamber blogging about the north east beer scene

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